Theatre of Tarots

Theatre of Tarots is a branch of the improvisation theatre which exploits the cards of Tarots as inspiration and, more important, as a structured framework for building stories. Starting from the main picture provided by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa in their book The spiritual Teacher in the cards, the Theatre of Tarots brings their ideas in the context of the improvisation theatre and provides a theory of the dramaturgy for this beautiful kind of theatre. Thanks to the Theatre of Tarots indeed, it is more easy to address long stories, usually called long form, also for those actors who are not so experienced. Actors learn to make their characters emerge from the relationships they create with the other characters without losing their minds by thinking to the story. The story simply happens without being controlled by no one. The magic assumption at the basis of the Theatre of Tarots is the same of the improvisation theatre: you cannot control the story but you can act for making it beautiful!