We are very excited about the two first shows of Tarot we had the 21th and 22th of November 2015 in Cesena. The attendees liked the show very much and we received a lot of positive feedbacks about it. We had hard work and reharsals since the beginning of September and we were very curious to discover the feelings of the people after the show. Wow! It was something special for all of us because it was so intensive and full of emotions. The two stories we played were different but both of them involved the viewers who liked the characters and their evolution. The first one was about a singer, his manager and two sisters. One of them was a great fan of the singer whereas the latter was his bodyguard. It was so nice to see the love between the singer growing and to discover the relationship between the two sisters. The second story was located in Greece and it was about a sailor, his girlfriend, a policeman and his sister. It had a dramatic ending but we followed the choice of the viewers and everything was so perfect! It is difficult to explain our feelings today, it is a mix of surprise, joy and a lot of idea for the future. We can’t wait for the next show!

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